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For access to online imaging and reports for Lumus Imaging, please visit to login or apply for an account. Should you have any issue please contact 1300 411 351 or email [email protected]

If you wish to create an account for your own personal use with an individual login and password, then you should utilize this page to register for access to Medway. You must complete each of the fields on this page and click on the Submit button. We will then confirm your details, setup your user account and alert you once you are ready to use Medway.

It must be noted that if you practice in an associate, group practice or hospital setting, and your practice has applied for a common shared group or hospital account and you have consented to your inclusion in that group account, then your test results will not be registered as viewed by a practitioner using the Group Practice or Hospital account.

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If you practice from more than one location, and you wish to be able to view pathology results ordered by you from those additional practice locations in a single consolidated web database under this single login and password, then please provide those relevant additional provider numbers for each additional location at which you practice. Please enter your full provider number without any spaces including any leading zero characters.

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