About Us

Medway is a web-based application that provides you with real-time access to our health providers' services depending on type of subscription.

As soon as the result is available at the Pathology Laboratory and/or Lumus Imaging, it is available in Medway - enabling you to view your patients' results quickly, efficiently and securely over the internet.

Through utilisation of available hyperlinks within patient reports, you can attain further information and education about a nominated test or disease. More particularly, this new decision support tool provides you with:

  • up to date summaries of evidence-based guidelines, expert opinions and authoritative articles from peer-reviewed literature, and
  • focussed, easily accessed health information by allowing the health professional to freely navigate through the database as they see fit within an appropriate clinical context.

Access to Medway is secured by the allocation of unique usernames and passwords, with all reports encrypted prior to transmission.

With no paper to handle, instantaneous delivery and secure access, Medway ensures your patients' results are available in real-time, anywhere, anytime, all the time.

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