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For access to online imaging and reports for Lumus Imaging, please visit to login or apply for an account. Should you have any issue please contact 1300 411 351 or email [email protected]

If you are the medical director or administrator of a hospital ward and you wish to create a single common shared account for all doctors practicing in your hospital, ward or combination of wards, then you should utilise this page to register access to Medway.

After confirming the details submitted, we will issue your Ward Administrator/Medical Director with a single username and password that can be shared amongst the various practitioners in your ward of hospital. This account will then access results of all practitioners ordered from your specified ward/hospital and who are registered on this form. As new practitioners use your ward/hospital in future, you will need to add them to this account via the “Manage My Account” function so as to access their results.

It must be noted that if a result is viewed by any user in the ward/hospital, it is recorded in the common database as being viewed by the ward/hospital account itself, regardless of whether the actual requesting doctor has viewed the result.

If the practitioners in your group also wish to create separate individual logins in addition to the group account, then they can do this as well by registering here. However if a test result is recorded as viewed by the hospital or ward account, then it will be recorded as viewed in the single individual login as well.

If you want to access pathology results only, or, want to concurrently access both pathology and radiology results, please select one of the providers in the drop list "My Default Provider". If you wish to access radiology results only, please select "Non Pathology User".

Password must comply with our password policy.

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