One Place to access all your patients' results, in real-time

Doctors, hospitals and clients across Australia use Medway to make more informed decisions and promote better health outcomes.

Save time on additional tests

Add additional tests seamlessly from the Medway platform to get more clarity and make a more informed decision.

Search and select tests
Add clinical notes
Review and send the request

Improved sharing across the ecosystem

Doctors can now quickly exchange information and collaborate on patient care with quick share.

Work faster with improved performance

Enhanced security

To protect sensitive information

Better search

To find results with different criteria

Historical trends

Clear presentation in graphical and tabular views

Simple and clean

User friendly to allow easy access of information.
Clear display of patients and results information for enhanced patient care.

Works where you want

Access the latest results on the go.
Tablet and mobile friendly.

Results powered by our local brands...

Medway is able to deliver results nationwide with the help of some of the most trusted healthcare brands in Australia.

Medway ensures that patient results
are available at the point of care,
no matter where they are.

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